black lace formal dresses

Order can be fully customized.

It's better to take the opportunity now. We'll continue to review prices because of inflation in the market.


6 out of 10 spots available till 24th of July
Send a D.M for payment and further details.

Or call 08137984979

Whatsapp: 08026968341

Orders can be fully customized.

20,000 will give you 6 outfits instead of 4
Made From either of the following fabrics
Polyester mix Ankara ( this is to say the Ankara is not made of 100%
•Jersey (Lycra/polo material)
• Chiffon
Affordable English cotton fabric
STYLE: Knee length dresses / tops. You can choose styles yourself but it has to be knee length gown or a top
SUITABLE AS: casual wear or work wear.
This picture best describes this category.
Mother and Daughter outfit is also possible. We have our sizing chart but you can send in your measurements to double check.

27,000 will give you 5 outfits instead of 4
Made From:
•100% cotton Ankara
Affordable silk
•Thicker Jersey(spandex)
•Thicker Chiffon
•English Cotton Fabrics.
STYLE: Knee length dresses / tops, Kaftans.
SUITABLE AS: casual wear or work wear.

Special occasion dress

35,000 will give you 3 outfits instead of 2
Outfits made From:
STYLE: Either knee length or Floor length.
SUITABLE AS: formal or occasional wears.

PAYMENT PLAN: The Monthly, Quaterly or yearly payment plan comes in when you choose more than one package. In this case; you'll be allowed to pay in installments. For instance if you choose Monthly Payment Plan and you've chosen at least two; you'll be allowed to make your payments several times within the space of a month. Once you've made full payment then we would deliver 30days from then. Same goes for Quaterly (4months) or yearly payment plan. Let me know if you understand. black lace formal dresses


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